Alexa App Android Download

Alexa app for android platform allows you to control your Alexa AI-Powered Products easily. To download Alexa App on your Android SmartPhone or Tablet, visit Google App Store using your SmartPhone or Tablet. Search for the Term “Amazon Alexa App” in the Search Box of your Google App store. Here’s how you can download the Alexa app on Android Phone or Tablets.

Step 1: Check the internet on Android device

Before we start the download of the Alexa app, make sure you have an active internet connection on your Android device. You can check your internet connection through a simple search on Google Chrome e.g. Alexa App Android Download.

Alexa app Android Download

Step 2: Visit Google PlayStore

Once you have made sure you have an active internet connection on your Android SmartPhone or Tablet, simply open the Google PlayStore App and search for the term Amazon Alexa App. Now a Blue app with White Circle logo will appear, press the install button to install the Alexa app on Android device. Once it has installed the Alexa app on your smart gadget, all you need to do is open the Alexa app.

amazon alexa app download for android

Step 3: Sign in to Alexa App

Alright, now as you have downloaded and installed the Alexa app on your SmartPhone or Tablet, you are on the final step to explore the amazing world of Smart-Home AI at your Fingertips. All you need to do is just a simple sign in using your Amazon account. In case you do not have an Amazon account, no issue. you can easily create an Amazon account using your E-mail ID or your Phone number. One thing to keep in mind is Amazon will send an OTP(one-time-password) to verify the ownership of your E-Mail or Phone number.

echo dot app for android


Get to Know the Alexa App

Once you download the Alexa app on your Android device, you can use it for multiple purposes. You can use the Alexa app for Echo Dot Setup, Amazon Smart Plug Setup, Control the other Alexa Supported products and much more.

Here is a detailed description of some of the tasks that you can avail using your Alexa app:

Smart Speaker setup: Alexa App For Android allows you to complete the setup of your favorite Smart Speakers e.g. Echo Dot, Echo Input, Echo Tap, Echo Plus, etc. Once you download the Alexa app on your android device, you can also Control the Smart app features on your Alexa Speakers.

Make Call using Alexa: Amazon Alexa app also allows you to add and verify your Phone number to make calls using your Alexa app only. In case you do not have a phone number, you can still make calls from One Alexa to another Alexa in the same account only e.g. “Alexa, call bedroom Alexa” or “Alexa, call John’s Alexa”.

Review your recent queries: Once you open the Alexa app on your Phone or Tablet, you will be taken to the screen where you can see cards by Alexa query e.g. ” Alexa, what is the weather outside”. These are the Most recent questions you have asked your Alexa Speaker or Alexa App. Extra information about the same question can be seen using the app’s inbuilt features. This information will be displayed on the card and may vary upon the question itself. Here’s the quick example of different questions with different types of answers:

  • Alexa, what’s the weather? This card will have more detailed weather info, including a five-day forecast.
  • “Alexa, Wikipedia Microsoft” This card will give you brief information about Microsoft from Wikipedia pages in a card format.

Get the To-Do List: Alexa app also allows you to see and edit or remove the To-Do list you create using your Alexa Smart assistance. You can easily get additional information about the date or time of the To-Do list or Task you have created in the past. You can also create a list of grocery items to remind of the purchase of items when the next time you visit the store.

Reminder and Alarms: The Alexa app also allows you to check the reminders and check the active alarms you have set up using your Alexa Voice assistance. It also allows you to manage the volume and sound of it. You can also see the active count down timer using the Alexa app. It also allows you to Pause it from this screen if you need to pause it.

Enable or disable routines: Alexa app also allows you to enable or disable any sort of routines e.g. you can turn on or turn off the lights using the simple voice command “Alexa, Good morning”

Alexa Smart Skills: Once you download the Alexa app on your Smart-phone or Tablet, you can easily enable or disable any smart-home skill on your Alexa smart Speakers. All you need to do is browse or search through the skills store Powered by Amazon Alexa.

Send or receive the messages: A speech Buble icon on your Alexa app allows you to send or receive the messages on your Alexa speaker and Alexa app. Once you verify your Phone number, you can also send or receive the Voice or Text messages on your Alexa app. You can also make or receive the calls on your Alexa app and Alexa speaker using this additional feature.

Music, Video, and Books: This option allows you to Check the music volume, Get the information of Playing music art, view albums, the title song, Play/pause/shuffle or repeat the music. You can also Tap on Queue to get more information about the next song and choose from the different music from the same album. If you are playing a Podcast, you can also Play and Pause the audio using the Alexa app. you can also scroll through the earlier episodes of the podcast.

In case you are listing an audiobook from your Alexa speaker, you can also go back or forward 30 seconds into the audio. You can also seek through the different sections of the book using the Alexa app. You can also check the history of the Music, Podcast, and audiobook you have recently played using the Alexa app.

Use the Alexa app to ask Questions: Once you get the Alexa app, you can also use it to ask simple questions just like your Amazon Alexa speakers. All you need to do is press the Alexa Icon and ask the question. This icon looks like a speech Buble with a blue icon. Once you press the icon, you can ask the question directly, you do not need to say the trigger word “Alexa”

Options for incoming voice and video calls: Once you get the Alexa app on your android Smart-Phone or Tablet, you can have full control over voice and video calls of your Alexa. If you have synced your contact details with Alexa Smart AI, you can simply say “Alexa, call Mom” and to disconnect the call all you need to say is “Alexa, hung up” or Say “Alexa, end the Call”. To initiate the call, you will need the Echo Show or Echo Spot on both ends. Once you have these devices, you can easily make calls using the voice feature of your Smart-home products. To answer the call, just say, “Alexa, answer the call.” Make sure to enable the “drop-in ” feature of your Alexa app to get full access over call control.