How To Download Alexa App For Windows 10 PC

Getting your Windows-Powered computer a new voice recognization system is an easy process, Here’s how You can Download Alexa App For Windows 10 PC:-

  • Visit the Microsoft Store from your Computer’s Start Button.
  • Search For Alexa App and Verify your Username and Password from Microsoft.
  • Download and Install Alexa App On your Computer.
  • Enjoy unlimited Voice Searches Powered by Alexa using Alexa App For PC.

In case you are trying to Download Alexa App For Echo Dot, For Alexa Setup and Other Alexa Functions, You Will need to Visit a URL using your Internet Browser as Alexa App for PC is still unable to Support Alexa Setup. You can use your browser and visit and log in using your Browser’s address bar. Although using this web-based interface you may not be able to access all the features available for a regular Alexa App. Download Alexa app for Windows 10 PC

Alexa App For Windows 10

Although most of the regular Alexa App’s features are available on Alexa App For PC, currently it does not support the setup process of an Alexa powered Smart Home Speakers.

It has basic features like things to try, Sign in, Sign out, Settings, Quit App, and About. Apart from all these basic features, More options will be added to Alexa App For PC as this app is still currently in development mode. You can also ask your Alexa to Play music, Control your Other smart home products, Control Smart Switches, Smart Bulbs and Do much more. It also allows you to control the volume of your music system.

Alexa App Windows

Here’s how you can download Alexa app Windows on your Computer:

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection on your Windows computer.
  • If you are using Windows 10 computer, it’s easy to download the app from Microsoft AppStore.
  • Using your Windows computer search icon, find Microsoft App Store.
  • Once you are in Microsoft App Store, type the term Amazon Alexa app.
  • The Official Alexa app has a blue icon with a white color speech text bubble.
  • Make sure you are Logged in using your Microsoft account to download the app.
  • Press the ‘Get’ icon to download the Alexa app on your Windows computer.

How To Download Alexa app for PC Windows 7

Follow these easy steps to get the Alexa app on your Windows 7 PC:

  1. Make sure you can get your Windows 7 Computer to upgrade to Windows 10.
  2. As per Official Amazon Alexa, currently, you can not download the Alexa app outside the Official Microsoft App Store.
  3. In case, you still need the app on your Windows computer, you will need to upgrade your Windows 7 computer to Windows 10.
  4. Once you have your Windows 7 computer updated to Windows 10 or higher version, you can easily download the Alexa App on your device.

How to download Alexa app for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

Here’s how you can download the Alexa app for Windows 8.1 or higher version:

  • Microsoft has ended the support of any version of the Windows Operating system below Windows 10.
  • In case, you still need the Alexa app to use for general purpose, you will need to update your Windows 8.1 system to the minimum Windows 10 or higher version of Windows.

Alexa App For PC Download

Alexa App For PC is now Available to Download on the Microsoft Store. Once you have successfully downloaded the Alexa app on your Windows 10 Computer, you can use it for multiple purposes. It allows you to summon your Alexa Speaker just by saying the word ‘ Alexa’

Newest version v5.6.12
Extra featuresone-click update, backup
Operating systemsWindows 7/8/8.1/10
Installation file size4.83 MB