Download Alexa App

In Order to Use Amazon Echo and Alexa Products, You will need to Download Alexa App For Echo Setup. You can ask your Alexa Powered Smart Speaker to perform tasks like playing music and controlling Smart Switches of your House once you complete your Alexa Echo Setup. Here’s how to Download Alexa App:

  • Step 1: Power On Alexa Echo Speaker.

Unbox Your Alexa Powered Smart Speakers, Connect the power adapter to the back of your Alexa and Power them on to get in online.

  • Step 2: Go to App Store or Play store.

Now in order to Download Alexa App For Echo Setup for iPhone, go to App Store. Search for the term Amazon Alexa App and download the Alexa App on your iPhone. In case you need the same App on an Android-Powered Device, visit the Google play store and you can download the App.

  • Step 3: Open the App and Sign in.

Once you complete your Download, you need to open the App and Sign in to the Amazon Alexa App using your regular Amazon account. Once you sign into the account, select the Settings tab and go to device setup. Once you are in there, you will get the option to choose from the type of device you are currently trying to setup. In this case, Let’s assume it’s Amazon Echo Dot.

  • Step 4: Alexa  Setup.

Select Alexa setup to proceed further with Wireless Setup and press continue button appearing on the left-hand side. and connect your Smartphone or Tablet with Alexa-xxx WiFi. Once you do it, it automatically asks you to continue with the setup.

  • Step 5: Connect Alexa to WiFi.

Now on the Screen, you will be asked to Choose your Wireless network to Connect Alexa to WiFi. Once you select your Wireless Network, enter the Network Security key and Press Alexa App for Echo Dot